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Edgar Andagalu
Edgar Andagalu
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Edgar Andagalu is a Digital Financial Services (DFS) expert with over twelve years’ work experience in leading implementation of innovative solutions across various sectors and markets within Sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to venturing into DFS, he worked in the marketing communications industry for six years – all accumulating to over seventeen years of work experience. Throughout his career, Edgar has been called upon to initiate new business lines and projects from ground-up. This has meant drawing up business strategies, developing work teams, working efficiently with limited start-up capital, effective project management, result-driven collaboration (in-house and with third parties), onboarding staff to support new initiatives and driving customer acquisition. This experience moulded him into a results-driven strategy manager who has the capacity to navigate any assigned roles proficiently, meticulously and diligently. Edgar's main interest is in opportunities that allow him to employ his skills in the delivery of solutions that positively impact societies.

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