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Valentine Njoroge is perhaps most famous for being a radio presenter in Kenya’s top 3 stations; and then publishing a sex column named Ask Valentine for about 10 years in The Star newspaper, also in Kenya. Recently she has created an eponymous YouTube channel where she answers people’s sex, sexuality and relationship questions on video. She is also a feminist commentator, discussing issues affecting the African woman and you can see her on BBC Africa’s #TheSheWord. The show airs in 10 countries across the continent. In all her years addressing sexuality, it became clear that parents avoid the sex and sexuality conversations because they are awkward, but also because modern Africans were not taught how to have them. In traditional settings, an elegant system existed to pass down information from generation to generation, but this has been lost with colonization and urbanization. A gifted storyteller and communicator Valentine spotted this niche after years of dealing with this vital subject and has now created Kids & Bodies. Valentine is a founding member of The Graca Machel Trust’s Women in Media Network and a trustee of the GMT’s New Faces New Voices (NFNV) in Kenya. NFNV lobbies for the financial inclusion on women across Africa. She is also the founder and curator of dadasphere, a bi-monthly event where African women share their stories and ideas in 13 minute talks. Ms. Njoroge is an alumnus of The State University of New York at Buffalo where she studied Computer Science and Philosophy. She is a passionate yogi who loves reading and is raising her son as a feminist.

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