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Richard Njau
Richard Njau
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Richard Njau is the co-founder of 4UP Digital, a creative digital hub that handles everything from digital strategy development through to implementation. He is a multi-gifted individual with experience in both social and broadcast media as a content resource, media & advertising creative, rapper, and TV presenter. Under Google Kenya he worked as the G+ Media & Music Community Evangelist, where he was tasked with the responsibility to educate various musicians and media personalities on the Google+ platform. He later went on to become one of 3 YouTube Enablers in Africa (specifically in charge of the Eastern African region) tasked with the role of educating individuals, corporate, musician, SME and influencers on maximizing their digital potential through video content creation. He was also the Head of TV & Radio at Fountain Media, a Radio & TV station that was created after the analogue to digital migration. Richard is passionate about educating individuals, corporate, SME, public and private sector on the impact of "digital" to help them achieve their targets, goals, mission and vision, and does this through his #DigitalEmpowerment session across Africa. He is also passionate about shaping culture across generations and does this under the Cleaning The Airwaves (CTA) movement, a well-recognized brand across the country and beyond, that he founded.
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