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Are you looking to upskill your team in order to improve business performance? Covid 19 has created an urgent need to implement virtual training solutions

Like you, we understand how it feels to have a growing team that needs key skills to drive results.
You deserve a motivated team, with the skills and competencies to drive results and adapt to market changes
With virtual training, you can rapidly scale training programs and educate hundreds at a fraction of the cost.
Convert existing training programs into digital courses
Share standardized, engaging & quality knowledge across the teams.
Leverage peer to peer and micro-learning

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You deserve a superstar team to help you grow your company

African Audience

Content tailored for the African audience that African businesses can relate to.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs on training by providing personal development and soft skill courses.

Track Progress

Track your teams progress as they train.

Learn Skills

Enable your employees to learn skills they need anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Easy to Understand

All courses at Zydii are easy to understand and they maintain international standards.

Organized Content

Zydii allows people to not only learn, but enjoy the smooth transitions and expertly organized content.

Downloadable Certificate

Downloadable certificates 100% guaranteed when your team completes the course

Learn Anywhere Anytime

Your team can learn anywhere, anytime - on their phone, laptop as long as they have internet

Our services

Ready Made Courses

We have engaging ready-made courses (customer service, productivity, teamwork, professionalism, communication and sales) which can come pre-loaded onto your customized Zydii Business page. You can assign your employees to these courses and track their progress.

Content Development

Not sure where to start in creating online courses for your staff? Our team is experienced in creating online learning content.


Already have content? Zydii for business allows you to upload your own courses onto your customized Zydii for business page, assign students and instructors and track the progress of your team.

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