Building in Kenya: Course One An online guide to your real estate journey in Kenya

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Instructed by Building in Kenya


Lessons: 24
Course Length: 1 hour 15 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access Certificate of Completion
KES2,499.00 KES1,999.00

About This Course

Have you ever wanted to start your real estate journey but you feel like you are in a maze?
Feel like you are getting advice from everyone and anyone but never similar information that you can add up all that information to help you out? 
We know that and we want to help you. We have curated the depth of information in a simple and understandable manner that includes useful checklists and infographics. The course covers everything from before-you-build to construction. We want you to build better, invest better and achieve a successful real estate journey. The course is for everyone from a beginner to a seasoned developer to students to professionals in the industry. This is the first course with more on the way. 
Stay tuned!

What You Will Learn

    In this Course you will:
    • Understand what real estate in Kenya
    • Comprehend the available decision making tools when embarking on a costruction project
    • Be equipped with the know-how to build your construction dream team that will execute your concepts
    • Be enabled to formulate a proper system for your land acqusition phase
    • Be informed of the planning and building approvals process required in Kenya

Course Content

  • KES2,499.00 KES1,999.00

Meet the Instructor

Building in Kenya is a Personal Social Responsibility of Emma ad Robyn who seek to bridge the existent knowledge gap within the building sector. They co-authored “Building in Kenya: A Real Estate Developers Toolkit” which sort out to advocate for people to build better. Their experience has been with developers of various structures – individual, family, and corporate – with experience, developing for the first time and serial developers. Through these interactions, it's been evident that there is an information gap as far as matters real estate development go. A gap that has proven quite expensive for some developers who have had to learn from the “School of Hard Knocks; and therein lies the inspiration of this book. Building in Kenya aims to be a developer’s one-stop informational resource, an invaluable guide through the real estate development process. As times progress, Building In Kenya seeks to provide all the information on how to build within the Kenyan context in an accessible and virtual way in order to influence more people to create awareness on the need to build better, ethically, and profitably.


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