Defensive Driving E-Learning Course Driving to save lives, time, and money, despite the conditions around you and the actions of others.

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Lessons: 41
Course Length: 1 hour 22 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access Certificate of Completion

About This Course

In Africa over 90% of road fatalities are attributed to human error and studies show 93% of drivers believe they are better than the average driver. Therefore 43% of drivers overestimate their driving skills or lack of them. It is clear the skill levels of most road users are the main cause of this grave situation. The annual loss from road traffic crashes is about 3% of global GDP. For example the Kenyan economy lost a staggering 2.9 trillion shillings in 2019 when 3,572 people died on the road. More lives are lost to road fatalities than to terrorism and corona virus.

Many drivers admit that they barely knew how to drive properly when they acquired a driving license. In most driving schools barely any student fails the driving test, this is not statistically possible! The biggest danger therefore is that even if you are a good driver, you share the road with many others who are not. Almost every road user has been involved in a road accident, most have lost colleagues, relatives or community members. Too many livelihoods, destinies and careers of many people we know have been needlessly ended by a single wrong decision on the road. Our target learners include personal car drivers, corporate drivers, school vehicle drivers, taxi drivers, truck drivers, PSV drivers, riders, passengers & pedestrians.

The Defensive driving e-course by Advanced Mobility is for organizations and individuals keen to empower themselves and reduce their road mobility risk. After years of carrying out in-person training on defensive driving, this e-course was designed to equip you with the key skills & knowledge at your pace & convenience. This quality training will give you improved safety and peace of mind.


You will learn among many things:

  • The law of safety
  • The 6 critical road safety factors
  • Fundamentals of defensive driving
  • Key human performance principles
  • Physical forces while driving
  • Hazard perception skills
  • Overtaking and emergency maneuvers
  • Vehicle and tyre maintenance
  • A mandatory quiz for successful e-course completion
  • A day of physical practical training with vehicles


Defensive driving is often mistaken for security driving. Defensive driving is driving to save lives, time & money, despite the conditions around you and the actions of others. Security driving is having the skill and knowledge to move from one point to another in a secure manner through a variety of potentially insecure environments



1.A) This is an advanced driving course, which means you need to already have a valid driving license and minimum 2 years driving experience to take the full course including practicals.

  B) However road users without a driving license or not within Kenya can take the e-course only without the practical session, they will get an e-certificate of completion after passing the assessment quiz at the end of the course.

2. After passing the assessment quiz at the end of the course, the learner will get a calendar link to book for the practicals. The practical driving sessions are challenging enough to stretch the experienced driver yet simple enough to cater for the new driver. A valid driving license must be presented on the day of the practicals.

3.If a learner has their own vehicle in good condition they are encouraged to bring it for the practical. The practical session with your regular vehicle is easier than when on a vehicle being experienced for the first time.

4.If a learner fails to show up for a booked practical session, they will need to pay a rebooking fee of Ksh 1,000.

What You Will Learn

    • To remind road users that being on the road is about making life and death decisions.
    • Guide road users to evaluate road conditions & anticipate the actions of others.
    • Enable drivers to monitor their own performance.
    • Enable road users especially passengers to evaluate the driver’s performance.
    • Give specific actions to take to avoid accidents & manage when they occur.



    • To become a better driver especially as we carry our family, friends, relatives, colleagues, customers & community members.
    • To improve road safety among drivers, passengers, pedestrians & riders by improving their decision making. Saving lives, time & money lost due road accidents.
    • To improve yourself as a person or organization. Our training solution has plugged a critical gap for many learners with one constant conclusion – it works. Start today.

    If you need more information on the course including the practicals, please reach out to us through +254 777 848008 or via email



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    Alex Munene is certified professional trainer & licensed driving instructor with experience in defensive and off-road driver training. He has 17 years’ experience in fleet management, vehicle leasing & driver training. His main experience is 15 years at Toyota Kenya Ltd where roles included managing the leasing & fleet channels to achieve 3,900 vehicle sales in 7 years. He has also managed the aftersales support for major fleet accounts like Safaricom, EABL & National Police Service. Alex has a passion for transformational learning pioneered the Toyota Advanced Driving program in Toyota Kenya.


Course Content

  • KES12,800.00

Meet the Instructor

The Advanced Mobility Centre (AMC) is changing the road mobility challenge in Kenya into a success story. Our training center delivers high-impact learning for drivers & all road users by utilizing modern technology, accelerated learning techniques, and advanced practice sessions. Learners can gain high skill levels in driving & decision making. AMC follows the aviation model of training where learners systematically grow from theory learning, simulator practice to vehicle practice sessions. Our goal in the next 5 years is to train 25,000 road users including school students, pedestrians, riders, and drivers. Our Vision: Safe and productive mobility for road users in Kenya. Our Mission: Delivering high-impact learning for drivers & all road users. Statement of Faith: Safety is not the absence of danger, it is the presence of God.


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