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My Planted Kitchen Healthy Meals Weightloss Masterclass

Course Preview Video

Instructed by Shiru Macharia


Lessons: 12
Course Length: 51 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access Certificate of Completion

About This Course

Learn the sustainable way to cook and eat for weightloss without dieting.

What You Will Learn

    • Good vs Bad Carbs
    • Healthy Sources of Carbs
    • Fueling Your Body
    • Starting Your Day Right

Course Content

  • KES1,500.00

Meet the Instructor

I cleaned up my diet pretty good after struggling to lose weight for a long time. I did manage to shed more than 38 kilos (83.6 pounds) by changing completely what was on my plate, but I was afraid it will come back. So I ended up forming a bad relationship with food based on fear and deprivation. I decided to study Culinary Nutrition because I wanted to know the real way to live and eat healthy and keep the weight off. This was the best decision of my life! I am now a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert trained by the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. I enjoy creating beautiful plates for my family with foods that nourish and heal the body! Having gone through the weight loss journey, I am passionate about working with women who want to lose weight; teaching them how to cultivate a better relationship with food and lifestyle habits for weight loss and healthy habits. I believe I am the kind of coach who understands your need to have chocolate on a bad day or your favorite comfort food! I get it! Life should be about balance. I will help you redefine convenience foods, fast foods, comfort foods and indulgent foods. You can have them and they will have a whole different meaning for you. Instead of feeding diseases, these foods will be feeding your health and helping you feel vibrant!


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