Leading During Uncertain Times Leadership Secrets to Managing your Team During Uncertain Times

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Lessons: 16
Course Length: 55 minutes
Languages: English
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About This Course

As we know, unpredictability is bad for business and team morale, and coronavirus is causing tremendous uncertainty in our work and private lives. Yet, adding to the confusion is not going to solve any of these problems. Nor is it going to contribute to the recovery of our businesses, economy, or our health and happiness.

In unsettled times, leaders must take a closer look at their own behavior and ask if they are contributing to the panic. Or are we leading our teams and our communities into a more productive conversation?

Human dynamics are very predictable. Whether we are in a room together or operating from our homes through advanced technologies, it is hard not to be influenced by the current barrage of negative images we see from the outside world.

Now more than ever, most leaders understand the importance of stepping up and demonstrating responsibility. But, where to start? Here are some ways we believe leaders can turn panic into productivity

What You Will Learn

    Impact of uncertain times on teams

    Digital transformation

Course Content

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Meet the Instructor

CBI 360 Ltd is a training, coaching and business advisory firm whose mandate is to inspire and empower organizations to achieve greater success. Our aim is to improve performance and output in people and organizations and our success is based on a 360 Degree experience combining innovative frameworks and unique delivery methods that offer a fresh and effective approach to empower your team.


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