Leading In A Time Of Change How to Lead effectively

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Lessons: 16
Course Length: 57 minutes
Languages: English
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About This Course

Change is inevitable, whether it comes from organizational initiatives, evolving market conditions or an external force that can’t be anticipated or controlled. For organizations to survive, grow and thrive in the face of change, strong and effective change leadership is critical for success. To lead change successfully, leaders must communicate the vision for and details of change early and often and show through their actions how to approach change. When leaders remain a constant source of information and support, employees don’t just understand the vision for change; they embrace it. No matter the type or scope of the change you are leading, here are qualities and Disciplines required for leadership to ensure success.

What You Will Learn

    A story on change

    Qualities of an effective leader

    The 4 disciplines of leadership execution.

Course Content

  • KES4,000.00

Meet the Instructor

CBI 360 Ltd is a training, coaching and business advisory firm whose mandate is to inspire and empower organizations to achieve greater success. Our aim is to improve performance and output in people and organizations and our success is based on a 360 Degree experience combining innovative frameworks and unique delivery methods that offer a fresh and effective approach to empower your team.


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