Adopting a New Sales Mindset This is a program developed for sales professionals looking to have a broader view of the profession.

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Lessons: 14
Course Length: 42 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access Certificate of Completion

About This Course

The program proposition is relevant to the current covid situation in order to drive uptake. It will give salespeople a deeper understanding of the profession, inspiring both commitment and resilience which are key components for success in this tough business environment. It will also help you understand the importance of having the right mindset and skills to succeed as a sales professional to meet business objectives.

The course has been developed and facilitated by Edward Ndegwa (Mwalimu wa Sales). He has over 22 years of entrepreneurship experience, during which time he started 6 different companies, led 3 different sales teams to grow revenues from zero to over 100 million Kenya shillings in 3 different sectors. Edward as trained over 8000 sales executives for various client projects.

The delivery of the program is done via practical case scenarios in order to ensure participants are well equipped to apply the skills they learn to everyday sales scenarios.


How it Works:

The programme is self paced, meaning that learners can learn at their own time on any device. Below are the steps to get started.

1. Click a. Buy now for an individual, register and pay via mobile money

             b. Buy for Team, fill in the form & make the payment

2. You will have access to the "my courses page"

2. Click on "Start Lesson"

3. Watch the online videos and access the course materials

4. Complete the course and get a certificate download


Some of the Organizations that have trained their sales agents with this programme:





"The sales process is what i needed to understand in my sales career and this just was fantastic" - Participant


"The immediate outcome of the sales course has been amazing. Every sales agent that completed the virtual sales training program last month managed to close atleast one sale - even those that had zero sales from the previous month." - Claris Wananyanga, Training Executive, UAP Old Mutual Group


"The program is very valuable, I have had an opportunity for self betterment. Through this training have been able to learn how to separate business development and account management and how to effectively qualify leads. Have also learned how to use sales process to know what worked and didn't work." - Participant


"This is a transformative life changing training session that teaches sales professionals /advisors about existing best practices for the creation an efficient effective and sucessful Sales process. A Sucessful sale requires that the sales agent identify who their clients are. They must also have an abundance mindset, a growth mindset, persistency, active listening , buiding relationships, honesty ,empathy and integrity, identifying the customers specific needs" - Participant

What You Will Learn

    • Help sales professionals take responsibility for their career growth. 
    • Present the vast opportunities available to salespeople.
    • Spur a discussion between managers and their teams about sales.
    • Interest graduates to consider a career in sales. 
    • Help professionals identify and develop the skills and attitudes that support building a good career in sales.
    • Share the importance of the sales process to all

Course Content

  • KES5,000.00

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