Sales Training for Exceptional Performance Sales Training Course for the 21st Century Sales Agent

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Instructed by Eunice Maina


Lessons: 32
Course Length: 2 hours 15 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access Certificate of Completion

About This Course

Sales is not a last option career, it is the life source for any business, but how do you become great at it and how do you do so in this new age of technology and competition?

In this course you will earn how to become a high trust selling personkey strategies from an industry expert on not only how to sell, but how to do so digitally. You will learn how to keep your eyes on what matters when it comes to your sales career. You will be equipped with knowledge that will help you to become successful in Sales.

This course has been developed and facilitated by Eunice Maina - Founder and CEO, Bismart Insurance, Author of Sell Me This Pen. She has over 9 year’s management experience in insurance products and distribution channels development. She is a former sales & relationship manager -Britam.

The digital sales training course has impacted Insurance sales agents across Kenya. The delivery of the program is done via practical case scenarios in order to ensure participants are well equipped to apply the skills they learn to everyday sales scenarios.


How it Works:

The programme is self paced, meaning that learners can learn at their own time on any device. Below are the steps to get started.

1. Click a. Buy now for an individual, register and pay via mobile money

             b. Buy for Team, fill in the form & make the payment

2. You will have access to the "my courses page"

2. Click on "Start Lesson"

3. Watch the online videos and access the course materials

4. Complete the course and get a certificate download


Some of the Organizations that have trained their sales agents with this programme:





"The immediate outcome of the sales course has been amazing. Every sales agent that completed the virtual sales training program last month managed to close atleast one sale - even those that had zero sales from the previous month." - Claris Wananyanga, Training Executive, UAP Old Mutual Group


"Picked a few things that I will implement immediately. More focus on growing business by building a sales pipeline and monitor through daily, weekly measurement of the three keys areas - leads, conversion and cost of aquisition. Train my team mates on the same."- Participant


"Very practical especially the connection that one must have with a client before pitching"- Participant


"I was able to learn that I can do a lot with online selling, through Facebook and LinkedIn platforms to help me increase my leads as well as conversions"- Participant

What You Will Learn

    This program is designed to give you strategies that will cause you to become a high-trust selling person so that you can attract customers to yourself and stop chasing them. You will learn;

    1. Why Sell

    2.High Trust Selling

    3. Attracting Customers To Yourself

    4. Value Proposition

    5. Pitching

    6. After The Sale

    7. Insurance Agents Post COVID

    8. Online Marketing

Course Content

  • KES5,000.00

Meet the Instructor

Eunice Maina - Mburu is CEO and Founder at Bismart Insurance, an online Insurance platform/Supermarket that enables customers to compare insurance from multiple Insurance companies not only based on price but also on benefits and exclusions. Bismart also designs insurance products relevant to African way of life. She believes in building resilience in Africa to alleviate poverty. She believes in giving back power to customers through transparent, efficient, and convenient financial services, especially insurance. That’s why she is on a mission to transform Africa by increasing insurance penetration from below 3% to double digit. Eunice is the Author of “$€ŁŁ me this pen” she believes Selling is the key skill that separates the wannapreneurs from accomplished entrepreneurs and selling is the bridge that connects people from joblessness to entrepreneurs. Eunice is currently pursuing her MBA at Regent Business School, South Africa, she has got a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Mathematics, and an International Diploma in Computer Studies. She has 5 years of work experience as a trainer at the Institute of Advanced Technology (IAT), and 8 years of experience in sales and product development at Britam, a leading Insurance company in Kenya. She has attracted awards including, "WIA54 2020, an award by Women in Africa, Launch and Grow, a Kenyan women leadership program by Babson University (2020), Start.up! Germany Tour 2019, Young founders’ program by Westerwelle Foundation, Berlin (2018). Most Innovative and Scalable Business Model in Kenya" by Standard Chartered Women in Tech Program (2018), “AKI Agent of the Year Award (AAYA)” as Top 20 Life Insurance Sales Agents in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014, and “Best trainer in IAT” in 2005.

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