Team Success Skills Essential skills to help you be productive and build a great team

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Lessons: 27
Course Length: 1 hour 18 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access

About This Course

Building a successful business needs you to be efficient at not only using your time wisely, but working well with others as you build your team.This hybrid course focuses on empowering you with skills to be highly productive and deal with diverse people and teams like a pro. Remeber your business will not be the same forever, your goal is for it to grow and thrive, people and produtivity plays a huge role in this.



How often do you achieve the intended or assigned goals within the allocated timeframe ?

Do you ever feel like the day is super busy, alot of time has passed and yet you have nothing major to show for it ? Well, this is where productivity comes in. Like any other skill, it can be learned. It is about how much output you can generate with the resources you have available. It helps you remain relevant in this dynamic world. 



Teamwork is more than just going for team building sessions and bonding with your teammates. It is about first of all understanding your personality, then that of others, and then learning how to interact with each other and work more effectively creating an environment filled with positive energy and culture.

This course helps you do more with your day and time, understand the different tools you can use to become more productive, manage your time efficiently as well as achieve more. You will also learn more about yourself, others and how to work effectively with a team.

What You Will Learn

    What you will you learn on productivity;

    1. Productivity tactics

    2. Productivity tools

    3. Time management


    What you will learn on teamwork;

    1. The different personalities you meet at the workplace

    2. Discover more about your personality and understand your peers (how to handle different personalities)

    3. Learn essential people skills i.e conflict resolution, communication, empathy, negotiation


    4. Essential activities and tools to help you build postive relationships with your peers

Course Content

  • KES2,000.00

Meet the Instructor

Zydii for Business provides an affordable way for companies to upskill teams faster, with our ready-made online training courses.


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