Developing a sales mindset that wins clients The sales Warriors training series 1

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Instructed by DANIEL CHOUDRY


Lessons: 8
Course Length: 34 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Certificate of Completion

About This Course

This course is created to help salespersons develop a mindset that will cause them to succeed in their sales carrer. With this course, salespersons will learn tips which will help them remain relevant amidst the changing trends in business. 



What You Will Learn


    Identity model- Why you should improve yourself (identity) in the marketplace

    5E model- How to thrive in today’s competitive market space

    3 C model- How to make a lasting impression while selling your products

    Triple A model- 3 ways to explore new dimensions in a sales business

    Stretch model- Why you should go beyond your limit as a sales person

    Image model- 5 ways to make people buy from you all the time

    Success routine- Why every salesperson must have a success routine


Course Content

Meet the Instructor

The greatest Sales Expert on the Continent with incisive practical and charismatic delivery, Daniel Choudry is your go-to Sales Consultant for Epic Results.

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