How to start and profit from YouTube videos A pratical guide on how to start and profit from YouTube videos

Course Preview Video

Instructed by Mubiru Moses


Lessons: 15
Course Length: 47 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Certificate of Completion

About This Course

When it comes to starting your own side hustle, few opportunities are more enticing than launching your own YouTube channel. Nonetheless, YouTube is a place where many people go to learn for free from people who have shared their content. How these people benefit is the secret that I intend to discuss in this video. 

What You Will Learn

    During this master class, our discussion will explore areas concerning:

    - How to find your voice

    Looking at yourself as a brand

    - How to develop your concept

    - How to create a content plan

    - How to define your style

    - Deciding on your production space

    - Equipment and props

    - Content distribution

    - Monetization

    - Creating a commitment to consistency

    - Deciding what is going to be your long term mission.


    I will conclude by sharing extra tips on monetization. The purpose for this master class is thus to inspire as many people as possible to create as many YouTube channels as possible. 



Course Content

Meet the Instructor

My name is Moses, and I love teaching people how to use videos to promote their brands or pass on valuable content. This doesn't mean that I don't teach other things, I do. But there is something about videos that is not with other types of content. If every expert, consultant, professional, organization or company embraced video, sales will be a simple thing. Besides that, I am a Founder and CEO of Price Media, a hybrid video production house and communications agency. We have been adding value to different brands for the last 9 years.


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