Managing Products In Uncertain Times Positioning Your Business For Success Against The COVID-19 Odds

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Lessons: 12
Course Length: 39 minutes
Languages: English
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About This Course

When you're looking at this COVID situation, you're going to have a period during COVID, and God knows how long that will last. Then you'll have the post COVID period, where the world will definitely have changed. What do you do in either terms? 
This course has been designed to equip you to with the practical skills  to create or effectively source, price and distribute your products/services in this season of Covid and Post Covid. The training is not technical, very basic and if applied well, will bring meaningful and immediate value to the trainees.

The course includes 3 free e-books for the you to keep leanrin , engaging and growing.  

What You Will Learn

    You will learn;

    1. Introduction: Current situation, challenges and history of pandemics and business.

    2. Product Pricing: With the hue of changes caused by COVID and practical ways to price wisely.

    3. Product Sourcing: Challenges and innovative ways to pivot this, very simple with practical examples.

    4.Product Distribution: Evolution to include technology. Very simple e.g using whatsapp for your business.

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