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Leading during COVID Part One of the Lead! and Empower Programme

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Instructed by CBI Online


Lessons: 17
Course Length: 1 hour 06 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access

About This Course

Leading during times of uncertainty and change is incredibly challenging. There are a mulitude of factors to manage, structures, systems, and most importantly people. This course has been designed to introduce you to essential practices and skills to help you navigate the trubulent waters.

This is the first part of the "Leading During Covid" module and will set the core foundation to the rest of the programme.

What You Will Learn

    In this trainign module you will learn;

    1. Leading During Change and the four phases of change management

    2. Team Empowerment using the change curve tool

    3. Execution & Workplace productivity; the four key pillars

Course Content

Meet the Instructor

CBI 360 Ltd is a training, coaching and business advisory firm whose mandate is to inspire and empower organizations to achieve greater success. Our aim is to improve performance and output in people and organizations and our success is based on a 360 Degree experience combining innovative frameworks and unique delivery methods that offer a fresh and effective approach to empower your team.


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