Unleashing Your Career Potential Becoming an Expert of Yourself

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Instructed by ravelworks africa


Lessons: 11
Course Length: 27 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access

About This Course

In this "future of work" season, things are changing and they are changing fast. How do you keep up and plan your career, leverage your strengths and take part in the new world of gig economy, freelancing etc. This introductory course will help you answer 4 key questions;
     1. What career path to choose?
     2. What are your strengths? What are you even good at? What do you enjoy
     3. Which skills to invest in now that will serve you in the future?
     4. Stay in a job/career and make a living or take a big risk and set out on your own?
This course will help you navigate some of these questions and help you to become a fully fledged expert of yourself. It will help you with acknowledging the importance of investing time to become an expert of yourself. You will learn to recognize that we are often the biggest obstacle to our own success and finally, appreciate that in the real world of work and career nobody owes us anything. It is up to us to prove our value added!

What You Will Learn

    At the end of this course you will have:
         • Learned how to identify your own strengths and how to leverage them
         • Reflected on some of your current career challenges and how to overcome them
         • Been exposed to some practical tips on how to take ownership of your career and professional development


Course Content

  • KES500.00

Meet the Instructor

The idea behind RavelWorks Africa emerged in 2013, when a HR, Learning and Development specialist with a management background and a Communications and Technology specialist with a science background came together. We were looking for ways to improve organizational performance and boost human resource management practices by incorporating communication and technology solutions and producing engaging learning and people development programs.


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