Employee Management Getting the right talent, keeping them and managing performance

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Lessons: 21
Course Length: 2 hours 07 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access Certificate of Completion

About This Course

Everyone is talking about the future of work. We may not know what the future will look like, but we know things have changed permanently and we must adapt or perish. The workspace has changed and with it the workforce must adapt. Are we ready? As we adapt we should remember to comply with regulations that govern employment. We also want to keep our best talent as recruiting is very expensive.This course has been created to help you not only attract the right talent, but how to manage and retain them, while managing their performance.

If you are a small business owner or a manager this course is essential to help you manage your employees, especially in this critical time of massive changes in the world due to COVID-19.

What You Will Learn

    In this course, you will learn;

    - Best Practices In Human Resource management

    - Best of People Management Practices

    - Performance Management & Culture 

    - The basics of employee management

    - How to get the right talent

    - How to manage performance

    - HR compliance

    - Talent Retention- Keeping the talent to recruit and build

Course Content

Meet the Instructor

The Association of Startup and SMEs Enablers of Kenya (ASSEK) is an association that brings together and represent the interests of organizations supporting the development and growth of startups and SMEs for maximum impact of such activities. In fostering the startup and SMEs enablers ecosystem in Kenya, ASSEK is to play a key role, specifically, the association representative all the actors of the Kenyan startup and SMEs enablers ecosystem and actively promotes the networking among its members that are spread-out across the country, and the driving force for an entrepreneurial economic breakthrough of Kenya.


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