Product Management Creating Products That Actually Matter

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Lessons: 20
Course Length: 1 hour 12 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access

About This Course

Everyone has had that one idea that they believe will change the World and give them access to fame and fortune, right? In this course, start up experts, Jan Okonji, founder of BGS|Business Growth Solutions and Wemo Kitawa founder of MAMA ventures introduce us to the fascinating World of making products customers love. This course is for you if you want to understand the basics of the Start up business, how to keep Customers for life and of course, how to create Products that actually matter.

Whether you are an individual with nothing but a small idea you want to show the World or a seasoned entrepreneur seeking greater growth, this course will prove invaluable in providing you powerful keys to unlocking your business potential. This intensive and hands-on series of courses gives you the skills to ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget while giving the user the product they expect. You will gain a strong working knowledge of the basics of project management and be able to immediately use that knowledge to effectively manage work projects. 

At the end of the series you will be able to identify and manage the product scope, build a work breakdown structure depending on the stage of the business, create a working project plan, create a customer journey map, define and allocate resources, manage the project development, identify and manage risks, and understand the project strategy roadmap.

Who this course is built for:

  • Startup founders (all stages)
  • Operations Heads
  • Customer Service Specialists
  • Program Managers
  • Students 

Learners looking for practical skills

What You Will Learn

    The learning objectives of this course involves you as a student understanding key areas around product management.


    1. Understanding the reasons for and structure of a business

    2. Appreciating the customer needs beyond a product or service

    3. Developing and managing a customer centric product

    4. Product Management: The Science of Product Evolution

    5. Product Management: The Art of Product Strategy

    6. BONUS: Extra resources that you can connect with + a FREE downloadable E-Book


Course Content

Meet the Instructor

The Association of Startup and SMEs Enablers of Kenya (ASSEK) is an association that brings together and represent the interests of organizations supporting the development and growth of startups and SMEs for maximum impact of such activities. In fostering the startup and SMEs enablers ecosystem in Kenya, ASSEK is to play a key role, specifically, the association representative all the actors of the Kenyan startup and SMEs enablers ecosystem and actively promotes the networking among its members that are spread-out across the country, and the driving force for an entrepreneurial economic breakthrough of Kenya.


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