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Mushroom Farming Learn how to farm oyster mushrooms and make money

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Instructed by Wangare Kuria


Lessons: 12
Course Length: 13 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access Certificate of Completion

About This Course

Have you been thinking about farming? It can be one of the most lucrative careers if you do it right. In this course Wangary Kuria aslo known as the "Farmer on Fire" has created a course on how to plant and harvest oyster mushroom inclusive of downloadable instructions. By the end of the course you will be equipped to farm oyster mushroom and make money from it.

As a bonus you will also access a free E-book on "How to Start Farming from Small Scale to Profut Making Agribusiness"

What You Will Learn

    You will learn how to begin farming oyster mushrooms;

    1. Seeding the mushroom

    2. Incubation of the mushrooms and fruiting

    3. Harvesting, packaging and selling

Course Content

Meet the Instructor

Wangary Kuria is the founder of farmer on fire. a brand that has a YouTube channel and other businesses. She is an urban farm right in the middle of the city. After gaining graduating with a masters in business management from USIU and a amazing career in corporate. Wangary was retrenched and left to fed for her family . Leading to a total identity change. She seeks to make agricultural cool and doable. She strives to help young people to see agriculture as cool and lucrative y changing one mind at a time. She freely teaches people on her YouTube channel . Her intention is to spark hope and action for Africa to look at agribusiness as an income generating activity for all especially the unemployed youth in Kenya and Africa. She counts herself lucky to have found her passion in farming after being retrenched from a senior management corporate job. She is grateful to be born in a continent with many possibilities, great weather and youthfulness. She is also a published writer that believes everyone has a worthy story to write. The stands for courage and vulnerability to teach others


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