Introduction to Emotional Intelligence Using emotional intelligence to manage oneself and others at workplace and in life

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Instructed by Sarah Kithaka


Lessons: 25
Course Length: 29 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access Certificate of Completion

About This Course

We experience many different specific emotions at varying levels of intensity on any given day. But there is a lack of emotional awareness, meaning that we are among are unable to identify, comprehend or even be in a position to manage our own emotions. The good news is that, Emotional intelligence is a flexible skill that is trainable and can be improved through practice. It will require regular and consistent cultivation and maintenance. Emotional Intelligence remains an essential skill that we all need to strive to acquire for professional and personal development.

What You Will Learn

    This course will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills on Emotional Intelligence to manage your emotions rather than letting the emotion manage when you encounter situations, circumstances or working with people. The course is supported by case studies and practical exercises to demonstrate why emotional intelligence is such an essential skill that we all must have for our personal and professional development. This course will train you on how to identify your own emotions, comprehend them, and manage them so that at any one time in life you can respond in an appropriate manner.

Course Content

  • KES1,500.00

Meet the Instructor

Sarah is a Senior HR Consultant with 14 years' experience in Human Resources Management and Capacity Building. She holds Master of science in Human Resources Management from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology, Bachelors of Education (Arts) from Egerton University; High Diploma in Human Resources Management from Kenya Institute of Management(KIM), CPS(K) and Certified People Analytics Specialist.She is a full member of Institute of Human Resources Management with a valid practicing certificate, A member of Professional Trainers Association of Kenya(PTAK) Sarah has contributed to the success of leading corporates by taking lead in HR strategy formulation, Training & Development; HR policies and procedures; organization design and change management: Talent Management; Performance improvement; reward structuring; Management development; Employee relations; Disciplinary management; end to end recruitment process and processes automation. She prides herself to having carried out an intensive insurance sales- agents training for over 1,000 sales agents across Kenya (Nairobi, Coastal, Western and mount Kenya) under Prudential life Assurance Kenya that directly impacted positively on sales. She was also involved in setting up the Training office/function at Prudential life Assurance Kenya which involved creating training policies and procedures and overseeing their implementation. She has been actively involved in TVET/CBET Competency based education and training framework, occupational standards and CBET Curricular which will be used to guide the implementation of competency based education and training approach in the country.

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