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Emergency First Aid for Babies and Toddlers For Children Between 0 - 24 Months

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Lesssons: 11
Course Length: 47 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access Certificate of Completion

About This Course

Pediatric first aid training is very important, about 1 in 13 children children visit a hospital, having an injury, each year. 1 in 2 occur at home or in someone else’s home, 1 in 3 at school, 1 in 5 during sport.

Thankfully, 80% are treated and discharged, while 20% result in hospital admission for further investigation or medical treatment.

Most common causes of injury to children include:

  • Falls – are the single largest cause of childhood injury

  • Drowning – is the single biggest danger to children under 5 years of age

  • Transport injuries – as a passenger in a motor vehicle or as a pedestrian, it is the second largest cause of childhood injury, and tend to be severe

  • Bicycles – simply falling off a bicycle is a major cause of serious injury

  • Scalds & burns – is a major cause of long term injury

  • Choking & Suffocation– is the fourth largest cause of death by injury in children under 4; and the leading cause of death by injury in children under 12 months

  • Poisoning – is one of the most common hazards for young children

While accidental injury is not always preventable, our actions can significantly influence the severity and the comfort of the injured child.
In this course, you will be equipped with simple first aid training to help you handle such emergencies when they arise.

What You Will Learn

    - Handling Choking Cases
    - Handling Trauma & Emergencies
    - Handling Poisoning
    - Handling Common Medical Conditions

What You Will Learn

Meet the Instructor

Started more than 86 years ago in Kenya, the St Johns Ambulance Kenya is still a distinguished first aid and ambulance services provider. Other projects and services include disaster and emergency management, maternal healthcare, road safety, and positive youth development among others.


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