First Aid Crash Course (Road Traffic Accidents) Learn basic first aid skills to help you on the road

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Lessons: 12
Course Length: 19 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access

About This Course

What would you do if you come across a road accident or are in a car accident? We know road accidents are all too common and scary when you’re not sure who to call, what you can do and how to help.


This course is designed to help you understand and learn very basic first aid skills to apply during an emergency/ Road Traffic Accident (RTA). You will learn why it is important to have a first aid kit in the back of your boot and most importantly - who do you call?

We hope this course helps you evolve into a good samaritan, stay safe on the road and provides you with an emergency plan and set of basic skills to help others and yourself.

What You Will Learn

    You will learn;

    1. Who you can call during an emergency

    2. How to keep safe and healthy as you drive

    3. How to identify and handle an emergency

    4. Managing road traffic accidents

    5. Common injuries and how to handle them

Course Content

  • KES1,000.00

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