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Mandarin: Using Numbers and Measure Words How to use numbers and measure words in Mandarin

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Instructed by Dorah Ngolo


Lessons: 7
Course Length: 27 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access

About This Course

I hope you have been enjoying your journey to learning Mandarin so far.

In this course you will learn how to use mandaring numbers and measurement (of objects and people) when speaking Mandarin. You will also learn how to describe your family members and how to use measurements while doing so. The lesson is very practical so make sure you do the activity and practice as we speak together.

You will also learn 5 new Chinese characters.

What You Will Learn

    You will learn;

    1. Importance of specific numbers to the Chinese

    2. How to use measurement words

    3. How to describe each family memeber and use measurement words to describe the numbers

    4. 5 new Chinese Characters

Course Content

Meet the Instructor

I am a Mother and Wife. My journey of Mandarin Chinese started in 2009 when I got a Scholarship to go to China for 1 year. I came and started teaching and I have been at it for 6 years now. I love to share my passion for the Chinese Language and Culture and I believe this program will help you understand and interact better with the Chinese people. I take you through a practical learning experience, so check out the courses below and lets start learning Mandarin. 加油

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