Angel Investing Strategy Angel Investor Masterclass to understand more on Angel Investing as well as help you develop a strategy

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Lessons: 10
Course Length: 36 minutes
Languages: English
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About This Course

Angel Investing as about much more than just giving money to start ups and interesting ideas. It needs strategic analysis, an understanding of the environment and a clear understanding of your role as an angel investor.

It is very easy to get burned as an Angel Investor, which is why this Angel investing master class is essential, it will teach you what to look for, the strategies you need to implement and the realities of being an Angel Investor.

What You Will Learn

    There are several essential lessons you will learn from this master class;

    1. Introduction to Angel Investing

    2.  The reasons to either invest or hold off on being an angel investor

    3. The angel investment value chain, what it is and how it works

    4. The angel investment strategy which includes the different forms of investment the models and how to approach all the above.

    5. Create a personal strategy.

    6. Concepts on sourcing and evaluating deals.

    You will also receive downloadable resources to help you stream lime your thought process and angel investment approach.

Course Content

  • KES2,000.00

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