Online Safety Toolkit for Children How to empower your child's digital learning in a safe environment

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Instructed by Botlab Ltd


Lessons: 16
Course Length: 1 hour 55 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access

About This Course

As a parent raising children in this new generation, we know how technology is a big worry.  We worry about how much screen time our children should have, how to control the information they get and are they getting addicted, is it affecting their development?

This course will help you understand what online safety is, how to protect your children's development while empowering them to use technology wisely and tools to monitor and control their usage and information.You will also learn how to identify technology addiction and remedies to help your children deal with it.

This course is taught by industry experts;

- Mercy Njue is the founder of Botlab, a technology company that focused on training the youth in ICT skillls e.g coding and artificial intelligence.

- Kendi Ashitiva is a  psychologist with years of experience and knowledge on technology addiction. She is also the founder of Niskize Counseling and Call Center.


What You Will Learn

    - Understand what technology addiction is and how it affects children

    - How to protect your children from getting addicted to technology

    - How to recognise technology addiction

    - Remedies for tech addiction

Course Content

  • KES1,000.00

Meet the Instructor

Botlab is a software accelerator startup that conducts training to professionals in Artificial intelligence, machine learning and Business intelligence.

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