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Lessons: 24
Course Length: 1 hour 03 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access

About This Course

Most people cringe when they hear 'Customer Service Training' they automatically space out because most times it is not practically applicable to your exact challenges and situation or it just doesn't seem as important.


This course focuses on teaching you practical lessons for customer service which will ensure you stand out because of your excellent service (and you can apply it in all areas of your life, including relationships!). We'll teach you how to handle customer complaints and issues and the tips and tricks to providing great service.


So take this course, we promise not to bore you with the textbook stuff!


What You Will Learn

    This is what you will learn;

    1. Understand who the customer is (you might have been getting it wrong for the longest time)

    2. Why Customers are important

    3. Understand the customer life cycle

    4. Understand the magical three rules of customer service

    5. The secret to handling customer complaints


Course Content

Meet the Instructor

Zydii for Business provides an affordable way for companies to upskill teams faster, with our ready-made online training courses.


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