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What People Don't Tell You About Insurance Introduction To The Basics Of Insurance

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Instructed by Bismart Ltd


Lessons: 5
Course Length: 17 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access

About This Course

When people hear – or see – the word insurance or insurance cover, they tend to picture an impersonal financial process that puts them in a long-term financial obligation. This perception makes insurance seem like a monster that people have no choice but to live with.

Eunice Maina demystifies commonly held beliefs about the enterprise and gets you a step closer to understanding what insurance is and it's importance in your life.

What You Will Learn

    Learn introductory basics of insurance such as:

    - Understanding what Insurance is

     - Learning Basic Insurance Terms

    - Understanding What Risk Means

    - Knowing The Basic Principles Of Insurance 


Course Content

Meet the Instructor

Bismart is a leading Kenyan insurance aggregator, leveraging on digital platforms and technologies to connect our customers to the best insurance and investments solutions available in the market. We are regulated by Insurance regulatory authority. We provide our clients with education and the ability to compare and buy premier insurance and investment solutions at the convenience of their palms Insurance is a complex product but we believe that our customers deserve the best and should get the best without hustles. Given the right and correct information, they can chose and buy the investments and the insurance solutions that they desire and meet their needs.


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