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Professional Coffee Making Beginners Guide to Becoming a Barista

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Instructed by Barista Pro


Lessons: 6
Course Length: 13 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access
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About This Course

Interested in the hospitality industry? Want a career in culinary arts? or are you just curious about who baristas are and what they do!

Coffee making is no longer a hobby, it is a career for those in the food and culture industry. It takes training, skill and creativity to become a certified barista. We created this course for anyone who wants to understand coffee brewing, have a career in coffee or the curious souls who want to try something new!

Take this course and learn the three essentials of coffee making and the foundation of every cup of coffee and barista training.

What You Will Learn

    Get an understanding of the do's and don'ts of professional coffee brewing, here's what you will learn;


    1. Espresso extraction

    2. Texturing of milk

    3. Pouring technique ( the lovely shape at the top of your coffee)

    4. How to do latte art

    5. How to use stencils to create latte art

Course Content

Meet the Instructor

Welcome to the art of Coffee brewing!! Baristapro is a vibrant and creative organization which specializes in providing professional barista skills training offering various barista courses covering different levels of skills set. Welcome to our online courses, learn a new skill, start your career!!

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