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Dating In Today's World Learn how to navigate dating in today's world

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Lessons: 6
Course Length: 08 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access

About This Course

Are you tired of dating in todays world, do you keep getting disappointed, do you want to find the right partner?

Dating in today's world can be quite a challenge, you think that you have figured it out and come up on a wall. There are very many distractions and most people find it quite tricky not just to find the right person but navigate the dating world.

This course will help you understand where the challenges in dating come from and tips on how to overcome them.It is an introduction to a deeper course created to help you find the realtionships of your dreams. I hope you learn something and enjoy the journey!

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What You Will Learn

    You will learn;

    1. Learn that everything has changed and still remains the same
    2. Learn the areas where we go wrong and need to work on
    3. Get tips on how to meet the right person

Course Content

Meet the Instructor

Angela Kagume is a Life Coach, Career Coach and a trainer with Ramana Communications. She has been featured on several television shows like NTV and other stations as an expert on relationships. Her insight into relationships has made her a voice on the subject. She is passionate about people and works with individuals and teams with the aim of enabling them to harness their highest capabilities and achieve their goals.You can reach her on


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