Microsoft PowerPoint Made Easy Learn How to Create Amazing Presentations Using PowerPoint

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Lessons: 15
Course Length: 39 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access Certificate of Completion

About This Course

Do you get bored working with powerpoint, does everything you create all look the same?

Powerpoint  has become a basic neccessity for anybody joining the workplace either as an employee or as an entrepreneur. It may seem like common practise but there is a differnce between knowing about powerpoint and practically creating amazing presentations which will reflect very positively and help you close the deal or advance your career.

This course is a beginners guide to creating amazing presentations. It is packed with simple yet practical applications of the diffent Powerpoint features.

We hope you enjoy this course and create amazing presentations!

What You Will Learn

    This course will help you create amazing presentations on Powerpoint. This is what you will learn;

    1. Creating a new presentation
    2. How to add and edit different backgrounds
    3. How to insert media ( images, video, Audio)
    4. How to add animations and effects to the presentation
    5. How to save your presentation in different formats and why this is important
    6. Bonas videos: Learn how to edit images on powerpoint and convert to sharable formats ( no need for complicated softwares)

Course Content

  • KES500.00

Meet the Instructor

Zydii Training empowers you with courses to help you learn how to navigate our platform and use it more efficiently as a business, learner or instructor. We also publish courses we have created ourselves in various areas that are of interest to you. If there's an interesting course you'd like us to create, email us via

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