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Introduction to Business Model Canvas Learn how to use the Business Model Canvas to think through your business ideas

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Instructed by Rhoda Kingori


Lessons: 11
Course Length: 29 minutes
Languages: English
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About This Course

Entrepreneurs are dreamers with vision, but one of the hardest things is turning that vision into reality. How do you ensure that your business idea is vaible?

From time in memorial you were told that before you begin any venture, you need a business plan highlighting every aspect of your business. This was time consuming and there was no way to quickly identify the viability of the business and understand whether you should pivot (change things around) or move forward. Infact over 70% of business plans donot survive contact with the customer.

In this new age of business the business plan does not come first. In order to figure out the viability of your idea and draw people into the conversation, you use the Business Model Canvas. Start- Ups all over the world are using this to get ahead of the competition kick  off their ideas faster. I am really excited to share what I have been learnig in my Social Enterprise MBA and I hope this helps you get and edge in this new age of doing business.

What You Will Learn

    You will learn

    1. What the Business Model Canvas Is and how it will change your life
    2. How to use the Business Model Canvas to think through your business idea and prove its viability


Course Content

  • KES1,000.00

Meet the Instructor

Welcome to my online courses. This was born out of a love of sharing ideas and skills I learn as I go through life, my MBA and work for a tech startup. You will learn Business, tech (from a non-techie) and lifestyle skills. So go ahead, explore!


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