LEADERSHIP SAFARI™ Part One How to understand Purpose and Vision as you strive to be a great leader

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Instructed by Kimunya Mugo


Lessons: 8
Course Length: 31 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access Certificate of Completion

About This Course

Are you tired of trying to lead but people just won’t take you seriously? Do you feel like your staff are on a treadmill? Does your team focus more on compliance to processes than commitment to the business?

Worry no more! Let me introduce you to an experience that transformed the way I think, what I do, who I engage with, and why I exist. It is the same process that inspired me to quit my day job to build my dream. LEADERSHIP SAFARI™has 6 modules with 18 practical lessons. There are worksheets and practical cases for your reference. These lessons will will help you, your team or even family to navigate through deliberate steps to become authentic leaders. It will challenge how you think, what you do, who you engage with, and why you exist (at home, in community or in the marketplace).

This initial course will focus on module one 'purpose and vision' and how they are essential in your leadership journey!

All because leadership is a lifestyle, not just a function or position.

What You Will Learn

    The ultimate outcome of LEADERSHIP SAFARI™ is to help you grow you as an authentic leader. Through deliberate steps, you will be able to:

    1. Define why you exist.
    2. Challenge your thinking.
    3. Transform what you do.
    4. Determine who you engage with.

    LEADERSHIP SAFARI™will help you to confidently respond to the following questions:

    1. What do I need to become more authentic in my leadership?
    2. Why do I feel stuck and how can I grow my level of influence?
    3. When do I need to take action that progressively lifts my leadership and who with?

Course Content

Meet the Instructor

Certified Professional Coach, Communication Specialist, Strategic Planning, Author I engage with motivated but overwhelmed individuals and organizations to help them regain their purpose to lead their brand so they can focus on building their growth and legacy. My mission is to create a culture of excellence for leadership, communication and branding to thrive by providing coaching, training and execution that drives authentic engagement.


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