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Understanding Facebook Advertising How Exactly Does Facebook Advertisement Work and Does It Work in Kenya?

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Instructed by Abby Nduta


Lessons: 9
Course Length: 19 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Certificate of Completion

About This Course

Do you want to set up social media for your business and understand how it works, or do you want to get it right and reach a wider audeince with the pages you already have? Well this is the course for you!

This is a comprehensive course on the relevance of Facebook Advertising, and how it applies to the Kenyan context. It unveils the unsaid hidden facts about how to make fcebook an effective mode of advertisement. It also helps us understand Facebook Advertisement, its benefits, budget, audience involvement and how to manouver through it for a maximum result in marketing.

What You Will Learn

    The sole motive is to help you understand the concept behind facebook advertisement, and the easy-but-ignored ways of making a growth in your business using just a social site.

Course Content

Meet the Instructor

I am a digital marketer at heart. Over the last 4 years, my favorite parts have turned out to be content strategy creation, content creation, and curation, running ads, and data analysis. Right now, my favorite part is becoming training.


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