Understanding Youth & Politics in Kenya Get insight into why the political situation is the way it is and the role the youth have to play

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Instructed by Charles Adede


Lessons: 9
Course Length: 27 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access

About This Course

Ever wondererd why the youth gets sucked into politics, or why its very hard to understand politics and the older generation, or why the youth sometimes seems clueless?

This course helps us understand why the youth find it difficult to engage in politics and civic education. It sheds light on how we interact with the older generation, appreciate our differences and the pressure from the older generation to take sides.

This course is packed with the raw truth, concluding with how the perfect mix of situations allows politicians to create misunderstanding and strife, not only among the youth but society as a whole. It is incredibly resfreshing!

What You Will Learn

    There are several things you will learn from this course;

    1. The contribution of the youth in civil duties
    2. The disconnect between the older genetration and the youth
    3. The impotrance of trends in the participation of youth
    4. Understanding our differnences
    5. Undertand how tension rises from differences ( which are the natural order of the world)
    6. Understand how politicians leverage on our differences
    7. learn what to do to make things better

    I hope this makes a difference in the way you think!

Course Content

  • KES200.00

Meet the Instructor


I am an advocate, photographer and entrepreneur with a passion for life and exploration of the interesting and unknown. In this case I think it is enough to say that I am a human being!


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