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M-Pesa For Businesses Understand how M-Pesa for Business works & how you can use it to manage your business more efficiently

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Instructed by Mark Mumo


Lessons: 9
Course Length: 17 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access

About This Course

Do you have a business, do you want to set up a Buy goods or Paybill, do you want to understand which one you need and how to begin?

Worry no more, I have been working with M-pesa for several years and helped several businesses integrate with M-pesa. The challenge most people face is understanding how M-Pesa works, epecially for their businesses. I'm sure you've asked yourself what the difference between Buy goods and PayBill are and which would work best for your business.

In this course, I will also walk you through part of the application process for the above. This course has been created to help you understand Lipa na M-Pesa better as well as other  options for your business you did not know about. I really hope it adds value to your business!

What You Will Learn

    This course will teach you several things aimed at helping you choose the right M-pesa solution for your business;

    1. Learn how M-Pesa for business works
    2. Understand the difference between Buy Goods and Paybill and which will work best for your business
    3. Understand the payment scheme for both Buy Goods and Paybill
    4. How to register for Lipa Na Mpesa
    5. Understand what the M-Pesa API is, how it works and how you can integrate it with your online business


Course Content

Meet the Instructor

I am a techie who loves people and the journey of sharing knowledge and creating amazing things.


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