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Understanding Salvation This salvation series will shed light on what salvation is, how it comes about and demystify the process of salvation

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Instructed by Bornface Ontomwa


Lesssons: 7
Course Length: 1 hour 47 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access

About This Course

Salvation is a vetry sensitive topic and there are always so many voices telling you what it means, and the message gets lost in the wave. Salvation is for everyone despite how some may portray it as the gift for believers only. This course has been created to empower you by understanding what salvation is, how it comeas about and how you can benefit from salvation.

What You Will Learn

    In this course you will learn several things;

    1. Undertanding what salvation is
    2. Understanding how salvation comes about
    3. Understanding what the process of salvation is
    4. Understand what happens when God forgives our sins
    5. Understand the benefits of salvation

    I hope you enjoy this course and learn impotant lessons that will bulid you up spiritually!

What You Will Learn

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Meet the Instructor

I always get thrilled when I get an opportunity to share the word of God and see lives changed. I can not be able to tell you exactly what happens to me when I see a life transformed but I can tell you this Its the most fulfiling feeling. My vision is to see lives changed ONE at a TIME that is SUCCESS to me; being able to influence the world with the investment of my personality is a dream come true for me.I believe that you will enjoy the courses and that they will impart something to you.Thanks


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