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Become A Better Marketer How to Market, Get High Paying Clients and More Money In The bank

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Instructed by James Karundu


Lessons: 5
Course Length: 19 minutes
Languages: English
Includes:  Lifetime access

About This Course

Are you looking to streamline your marketing ? Have you invested so much and yet can't seem to close marketing deals or get referrals ?

Does your marketing feel like its disorganized ? Worry not, this course is for you!

This course coaches you on how to become a better marketer. We take you through the marketing cycle, how to capture the attention of your target clients, facilitate the prospect's purchasing decision,provide a client with specific, low-risk and easy to take action, as well as give you tips and strategies to employ to win clients. 

What You Will Learn

    • The main reason service providers struggle to get clients
    • Tips and strategies to use to improve your marketing
    • How to target and approach affluent clients
    • The game changer: A simple, step-by-step system to high paying clients and how to get referrals
    • Plus: A marketing  action plan to get your marketing unstuck

Course Content

Meet the Instructor

Mr. James Karundu is a motivational speaker, author and the founder of PassionBiz Academy. This academy is a leading institution that provides business mentoring to start-ups, entrepreneurs and service providers. James has authored three books titled “Go For It”, “Stepping Stones for Top Achievers” and “7 Keys for Success Beyond Chance” to aid people in reaching their goals

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